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I don't even know what to call it, but it's 'angel fantasy' where Judeo-Christian theology is reworked and retold as fantasy fiction.

Mysteries of the Bible - Biblical Angels

Anyway, it took me a little getting used to. The angels are not spirits, but recast as humans with wings and superpowers, fully flesh and rife with flaws. Clearly, the "flaws" aspect means you can tell a story, and Quiroz-Vega does, emphatically. The writing is smooth and the story is full of twists and turns. There was a bit of Arabian Nights flavor, with stories within stories as Lilith injects tales from her visions of the future into the serene world the angels inhabit. Getting my logic-nerd hat on for a moment, the premise caused me some cognitive dissonance.

Lilith's dark character is driven by visions of the human future, but this gift of visions was granted by God, who would of course be the only entity capable of visioning the future clearly. So, basically, driving Lilith insane and having her corrupt the other angels had to have been God's idea from the start. A little echo of this happened early on, when God punished Lilith by sending her into a forbidden forest. The sole purpose of the forest was to act as torture chamber, where Lilith was creepily punished.

So God, long ago, built angel-torture forests. He also builds angels with mortal desires and full-on sex drives, then expects them to be forever chaste.

But, then again, we have precedent from the Book of Genesis where God plops down a spectacular tree in the Garden of Eden and carefully, carefully points out exactly the one singular apple that should never be eaten. Just to beat the analogy into the dirt: You hand an adolescent a private computer and the URL for something forbidden that starts with "p", and tell him that he should never never watch that thing that starts with "p. However, that said, the creepy punishments and the manifestations of the full-on sex drives were extremely well written, with plenty of space left over for imagination.

The characters were compelling. The story had that flavor of a good tragedy where you just can't stop watching the slow-motion train wreck in progress.

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Or, maybe, the character of a good horror story, where you want to hide your head under the covers but you can't help yourself peeking. May 10, D. Kaye rated it it was amazing. The tale of Lilith takes us into the world above where angels reside in God's kingdom, then ultimately leading to the descent of many of them later on to earth as Lilith's plotting and dire need to gain power and overthrow God's ultimate power takes us on an incredible journey of desire, deceit and seduction as Lilith ensnares some of her fellow angels to join her on her rebellion to overtake God's power.

The characters are exquisitely fleshed out, many of the angels and their hierarchy we are fa The tale of Lilith takes us into the world above where angels reside in God's kingdom, then ultimately leading to the descent of many of them later on to earth as Lilith's plotting and dire need to gain power and overthrow God's ultimate power takes us on an incredible journey of desire, deceit and seduction as Lilith ensnares some of her fellow angels to join her on her rebellion to overtake God's power.

The characters are exquisitely fleshed out, many of the angels and their hierarchy we are familiar with are spun into a tale of a separation of the angels - the good and the evil, chosen by their own free will. Some of these angels remain as we know them exactly for what they stand for, while in this story, even angels can behave badly by the powers of persuasion.

Lilith is a force to be reckoned with, and reckoning will fall upon her as she continues her journey after being evicted from heaven Floraison , stubbornly refusing to give up her mission to overtake God's creations. The story is loosely based on the Old Testament bible and well crafted into the author's own tale of good versus evil with vivid imagery and characters angels we feel compassion for as well as others we'll find ourselves rooting for them to get their just desserts. I can't wait for Book 2!

Oct 20, Sheena Lemmerz rated it it was amazing. Really good read I enjoyed this book it pulls you in.

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Is extremely descriptive and just really interesting as a whole. Definitely would recommend. Jan 27, Devinder Dhiman rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed reading about the various characters of this book, They are angels with wings to fly, one of them has additional abilities to change into different shapes. There are others too with special abilities including Lilith, who can influence anyone by her words and can see future. All of them are created by God Himself to live in Floraison, with strict rules.

Most of them followed the rules, but L I enjoyed reading about the various characters of this book, They are angels with wings to fly, one of them has additional abilities to change into different shapes. Most of them followed the rules, but Lilith despised following those rules because she had visions about the freedom to be bestowed upon yet to be created mankind of Earth.

She revolted against God for not allowing the angels of Floraison the same freedom. The revolt led to a bloody war between angels who followed rules and the others who were influenced by the designs of Lilith. Lilith and her supporters lost badly in the revolt and God condemned them to fall on Earth and bear punishment of hard living on earth. They had to endure the punishment given by God in various forms.

Fighting with various animals of earth, escaping from natural disasters such as volcanoes, earthquakes, dust storms in deserts etc. This story of the survival of fallen angels on earth is very interesting till the last page. Besides the story, I liked the use of vocabulary in this book to express the various actions and thoughts.

Honestly, I learnt the use of many new words from this book. Most interesting part of this book for me was the narration of a story by Lilith. View 1 comment. Sep 22, Marcus Monroe rated it it was amazing. Author Vashti Q's vivid and eerie storytelling kept me bound within her pages and cringed at the edge of my seat from the sheer passion and labor she placed in this work of literature. I mention with assurance, the fall of Lilith will be talked about and discussed upon for decades to come and I'm glad to have had the task of reviewing this outstanding story.

Monroe O. Feb 22, Diane Shute rated it it was amazing. Quiroz-Vega spins a brilliant tale of deception from the story told by ancient biblical text. Seductive prose written with a clarity of vision describe the foibles of angels as Lilith leads her admirers to the inevitable fall from grace. Nov 01, Kester Finley rated it really liked it.

In "The Fall of Lilith" by author Vashti Quiroz Vega, dark fantasy takes center stage in this reimagined version of religious work from the Bible. The names and settings may sound familiar, but that is where the similarities end as Quiroz Vega takes her readers on a wild ride through multiple worlds and settings with angels steering the ship. The story opens up in an innocent time as angels playfully fill their days under the guidance of God. The book mainly revolves around Lilith, an angel with a purpose, a deity with intent.

It was given four stars as the first few chapters weigh heavily on the religious side of storytelling, one that was a little harder to sift through for me personally, but definitely needed as it set the foundation for a very enjoyable read shortly thereafter as Quiroz Vega finds her pace and never lets up. The dialogue is well written, and the characters interact perfectly with each other as they navigate their situations.

I found some of the side stories relating to the other characters an enjoyable diversion and one that added extra depth to every player within the work. Highly recommend! Apr 08, Larry Landgraf rated it it was amazing. The Fall of Lilith, written by Vashti Quiroz-Vega, is a fantasy story about some well-known biblical characters. It contains two sections. I could feel early on that there was goi The Fall of Lilith, written by Vashti Quiroz-Vega, is a fantasy story about some well-known biblical characters. I could feel early on that there was going to be trouble in paradise, but nothing could prepare me for what was to come in section two.

Section one seemed long, but that was necessary for me to get the numerous characters down in my mind. I knew and understood the characters well when they were exiled to Earth in section two. Once to Earth, I could not stop reading. I had to find out what was going to happen next. The story progressed quickly and before I knew it, I'd finished the book. I was left wanting more. The good news is that Vashti Q. I will put this one on my TBR list.

The main character in the sequel is Dracul whom I only got a glimpse of at the end of The Fall of Lilith. What a character! The Fall of Lilith packed a wallop. I enjoyed it immensely and will definitely be reading Son of the Serpent. It is a fantasy, right? May 07, Natalie Ducey rated it it was amazing. In The Fall of Lilith, Vashti Quiroz-Vega has crafted a brilliant story with characters rich in diversity and imagery so vivid the reader is transported to another place and time. The descriptive detail is penetrating and offers a divine solace. We are introduced to characters that are celestial, yet relatable to mortal existence.

A true testament to the superb character development. In book one, we witness the In The Fall of Lilith, Vashti Quiroz-Vega has crafted a brilliant story with characters rich in diversity and imagery so vivid the reader is transported to another place and time. This rebellion casts friends into foes, allies into enemies. What transpires is a battle that is both riveting and revolting as we witness the primitive nature of survival take hold.

The ruins fashioned by greed and loathing and far reaching. On Earth, the fallen angels endure hardships in their own distinctive forms.

From Jerusalem to the New World

The detail of which is magnificent. In this graphic tale, the author seamlessly traces the origins of creation and the existence and influence of supernatural beings. To find and rule the Garden of Eden is her mission, and her ruthlessness knows no boundaries. Her loyalty is to her ego and lust for control. Will Lilith succeed in her quest? Will she reign over the Garden of Eden?

Brilliantly written, The Fall of Lilith is a highly recommended epic read! Dec 02, Eeva Lancaster rated it really liked it Shelves: books-reviewed. In the beginning, it felt like I was reading a YA novel, only, instead of teenagers up to no good, they were angels. This book is the story of how Satan and Lilith and the rest of the rebel angels fell from heaven, and what happened after they fell to Earth. The characterization was superb. That's why I gave it a 4-star.

I loved the character development. And this is a politically correct book, I loved the book's cover, and I'm interested in Angelology, and so I got a copy of The Fall of Lilith.

Do You Actually Remember the Endings to These Old Testament Stories? | Howstuffworks

And this is a politically correct book, if you consider that the Archangel Gabriel had a one-time sexual encounter with Beelzebub. How original is that? Loved it. It's not a YA novel since there are smatterings of rated R scenes. The book is polished, with negligible errors here and there, and is of fairly high quality in terms of editing and formatting. The author is a wonderful and imaginative writer. The words flowed, and there was nothing in the narrative that made me fidget or roll my eyes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story Imagine finding a good partner, and you thought everything was going well between you two. You were happy, and looking forward to good things. And then one day, your partner just disappeared from your life, without telling you why, without anything That's how I felt about the ending.

I kept on turning the page of my kindle, because I couldn't believe it was over. But, well, it really was. I wasn't satisfied with how it ended. But then, if I think about it, what sort of happy ending could there be for Lilith? Still, I highly recommend this book to fantasy readers. Vashti Quiroz-Vega is a writer to watch out for. And you'll enjoy the unique take on the angels.

Jul 16, D. Peach rated it really liked it. God created angels as sexual beings, gave them free will, and then told them sex was prohibited and would result in eternal damnation. Not a particularly wise decision from the Almighty. Lilith is a beautiful angel who is narcissistic, devious, and sexually manipulative from page one through to the end.

She makes Satan seem like a nice fellow and ultimately puts all of creation at risk. The world-building is lovely with many lush descriptions of the beautiful landscapes of heaven and Earth, creatures both real and mythical, and the angels. Women are certainly the root of all evil in this telling.

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As the villain in the story, Lilith has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The other main characters, all dark angels, are more nuanced with spells of remorse, love, and loyalty, despite continually hurting and betraying each other. The most notable exception is Gadreel, and she was the most interesting character to me as she strove for redemption in the midst of terrible circumstances. This is a long read, and the prose could use some tightening, primarily to reduce redundancies. I found the frequent point of view changes disorienting, but dialog was well-done, and the formal language seemed appropriate for angels.

The ending is satisfactory, though the story, of course, continues. May 28, Yvette Calleiro rated it it was amazing Shelves: another-world-books , paranormal-books , paranormal-fantasy , reading-challenge. I really enjoyed this book. Lilith is a deceptive little thing, and I loved reading about her journey, though I will admit that Gadreel held most of my affection throughout the book which would probably really anger Lilith The author does an incredible job in character building. The author writes in th I really enjoyed this book. The author writes in third person omniscient, and many might even call it head-hopping because she shares the thoughts and feelings of each character, but she does a brilliant job of making it clear whose point of view is being used.

I enjoyed being able to experience each character's emotions and reactions in the moment. The book is also very descriptive, and the author did a great job of world-building. The areas of paradise were written in such a way that I just wanted to lose myself in them, whereas the areas of danger were written so that the reader could truly feel the angst of the characters. The story line is fantastic!

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I loved how deceptive and despicable Lilith was, how vain and stupid Lucifer was, and how many angels fell into the webs that they wove. I loved their individual punishments and how they reacted to them. My heart broke for Gadreel and then hardened against her and then softened again. Because I know that a book two is coming, I'm looking forward to reading more about Gadreel and Dragon, and I cannot wait for Lucifer and Dracul to learn about Lilith's newest deception!

Nov 02, Joy Lo-Bamijoko rated it liked it. As I read this book, I started feeling ill at ease about the theme of the book. First, this is a story about the events surrounding life amongst the angels in heaven, which the author called Floraison, before the fall of Lucifer and his cohorts, and the creation of man on Earth. Although this is a fiction, I was in doubt about the roll that Lilith played. The book is titled, the Fall of Lilith. I wondered whether Lilith in this story was another name for Lucifer.

But then she seemed to control t As I read this book, I started feeling ill at ease about the theme of the book. But then she seemed to control the real Lucifer all through the story. If she was not Lucifer, my question is what exactly was she? So, in telling about these Godly things, the author has simply shown us Godly things the way a created creature sees things, in very un-godly ways. I have mixed feelings about this read. There were scenes that were quite entertaining, and scenes that were quite troubling.

For instance, the implied gay interest of Beelzebub for Gabriel, and the explicit sexual scene between Eve, Samael and Satan jarred my religious sense. The story, as it stands, needs some editing, especially with the transitions, and missing words here and there. Mar 28, Jan Sikes rated it really liked it. I have been wanting to read this book for quite some time and it finally came up on my TBR list. The author's depiction of the fallen Angels from biblical tales is compelling on many levels.

How Satan and his small band of supporters got banned to earth was believable. The burning desire Lilith had to overthrow God and make heaven the way she wanted it to be, with her and Satan as the ultimate rulers is a great example of how, in life, misplaced goals and dreams can wreak havoc.

Not only havoc, I have been wanting to read this book for quite some time and it finally came up on my TBR list. Not only havoc, but irreversible consequences. Lilith is determined to come out victorious even to the very end of the book when all hope should be gone. The author wove the tale together with all the lies, deceit and manipulation one would expect from fallen angels.

The writing could be much tighter as there was lots of repetition, but it didn't throw me out of the story. I had to see the outcome! If you are fascinated by the Angelic Realm, the hierarchy and the historic fall of Angels that led to the demise of the Garden of Eden and creation of Satan, you will enjoy this story. Mar 07, Charles Jones rated it really liked it. Vashti shows us the creation of the heavenly realm, the angels and eventually Earth.

I was very impressed with the personalities of the different angels, and how connected I became with them. The beginning of the story has a childlike quality with the angels growing into themselves, and as they age, their personalities strengthen. Along with their changes the feeling of the words Vashti puts on the page match, leaving behind the sweetness of childhood, and bringing forth emotions that were relatable as they grew into adulthood.

When Book 2 begins the grittiness intensifies as the fallen angels come forth transformed by their punishment. I love reading imaginative books no matter the genre, and The Fall of Lilith by Vashti Quiroz-Vega is one of those books. Dec 24, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. The characters had depth and I found myself not having to keep checking back to know who each character was. The main character Lilith is as beautiful as she is dangerous, she set her mind on a goal and did whatever she could to gain the results she was after. Vashti this book is highly addictive and your imagination is amazing.

I kept trying to imagine it in film format and kept wondering how a film could be made true to the book. If you want a mixture of laughter, danger and treachery look no further. The story is about angels who fall from grace led by the title character Lilith and how they fair on earth. I am hoping for another book in the series as there are some unanswered questions as to what happens next, but equally it can be left to your own imagination, a truly wonderful read.

Apr 12, Shirley rated it it was amazing Shelves: finished. A Very Good Read! The story and the plot from beginning to the end had my full attention. The flow of the read could have improved with words that could be understood so that I wouldn't have had to check the dictionary. I loved to hate Lilith because she never understood that what she was trying to achieve was a losing battle.

You can't defeat God. The interactions of the various characters led to an entertaining read and captured my full attention to the story. The pace was well done. The ending A Very Good Read! The ending left me semi-satisfied so that there may be another book to finish the story. I don't think its easy to write about biblical times and keep everything in perspective. I give the author five stars for a job well done. Feb 12, D. Finn rated it it was amazing. This is an interesting and unique take on a well-known Bible story from the old Testament. Lilith is the driving force behind all of this as she encourages Lucifer to lead.

As expected, the rebels find themselves on earth. This is my favorite part of the story and where it got interesting. Vega crafted a well-written book with lots of depth, images to pull you in, and it definitely kept my interest as I wondered what was going to happen next. But what do these ideas really mean?

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