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He won't tap dance or bend to fit the "popular" dj mold. Those who recognize Bone know him for his uncompromising and innovative ways.

Sticks and Stones will Break My Bones: Name-calling in Intimate Relationships

It's no accident that two letters always precede Bone's name whenever he's on the bill. First and foremost, Bone is a DJin the truest sense. When he spins, it's as if the turntables and the mixer become a physical extension of his body. He employs every possible technique in the disc jockey arsenal masterfully: blending, scratching, back spinning, no monitors or headphones; unrivaled in his use of the fader switch and he incorporates them all into every set.

Dj Bone – Movement Festival Detroit

From his standing room only residency performances to after-hours spots, he rocks every show as if it's his last. Some activities, like dance or martial arts, require great flexibility. But increased flexibility also can help people perform better at other sports, such as soccer or lacrosse. Sports and activities that encourage flexibility are easy to find. Martial arts like karate, ballet, gymnastics , and yoga are good choices.

Silly Symphonies - The Skeleton Dance

Stretching after your workout will also help you improve your flexibility. One of the biggest reasons people drop an exercise program is lack of interest: If what you're doing isn't fun, it's hard to keep it up. The good news is there are tons of different sports and activities to try to see which one inspires you.

When picking the right type of exercise, it can help to consider your workout personality.

For example, do you like to work out alone and on your own schedule? If so, solo sports like running, biking, or snowboarding could be for you. Or do you like the shared motivation and companionship that comes from being part of a team?

Stolen Child

School sports, intramural leagues, club teams, and pick-up games are great ways to stay active with others. You also need to plan around practical considerations, such as whether your chosen activity is affordable and available to you.

Find your local support group

Activities like horseback riding may be harder for people who live in cities, for example. You'll also want to think about how much time you can set aside for your sport.

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It's a good idea to talk to someone who understands the exercise, like a coach or fitness expert at a gym. He or she can get you started on a program that's right for you and your level of fitness. Doctors know that most people benefit from regular exercise, even those with disabilities or medical problems like asthma.

If you have a health problem or other concern like being overweight or very out of shape , talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise plan. Considering the benefits to the heart, muscles, joints, and mind, it's easy to see why exercise is wise.

How Our Helpline Works

And the great thing about exercise is that it's never too late to start. Even small things can count as exercise when you're starting out — like taking a short bike ride, walking the dog, or raking leaves. Reviewed by: Mary L.