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Thank you so much for your kindness.

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May God bless you even more. You are such a blessing to us!

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We are a small church and always try to give our Kids Ministry the very best, and your lessons have blessed us so much. We pray that the Lord may pour out His most wonderful blessings upon your life and ministry. The month of May we will be teaching the Fruit of the Spirit Lessons. God bless.

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Great materials! Thank you for your generosity and willingness to minister to kids all over. God bless you to overflow! Thanks for the free lessons. I have Vocational Bible School coming up and this is my first time teaching it. This will help alot. Great materials for kids! May the good Lord God continue to prosper your ministry to children for such a kind and generous heart. I believe they will also help me to train up my kids in the way of the Lord. My children love the lesson and I am so blessed to have found the page. I would reach out to many other children with the help of your resources.

God bless you so much.

What Are the 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit?

Very good material and encouraging for us to teach our children. Thank you very much for the good work. God Almighty bless and prosper your ministry in Jesus Christ name. Thank you for your materials. We are a small and vibrant worshipping community with limited resources.

Your support is a tremedous blessings. And YES, the zip file is much appreciated. Thank you so much for the free download. Very helpful when you work full time during the week but still want good material to teach on Sunday and Wednesday. Will start our 9 week study today on the Fruits of the Spirit. Your email address will not be published. Please use our curriculum material for any ministry purpose that brings honor to Jesus.

We never charge or ask for donations. Comments Thank you for the free lessons, my husband and I have Bible lessons in a trailer court every Wednesday evening and we appreciate all the help and prayers we get Fr. God bless you, Tony. We were quite possibly wronged in horrific ways. But Jesus wants us to move beyond the offenses. He wants us free. He knows what happened to us. The person we forgive may or may not receive our forgiveness.

Fruit of the Spirit Game Ideas

They may not even be around or alive to receive it. Yet, we still benefit because forgiveness releases us from the bondage of hatred, fear, anger and sadness. In their place, the fruit of the spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and self-control—develop. Put Your Fruit on the Tree. Just as fruit on a tree starts small and grows, the fruit of the spirit must grow, too. When we develop our relationships with the Lord and remove blockages, we create a healthy spiritual environment that encourages growth.

For instance, as parents, we may naturally have short fuses.

When our children disobey or respond in childish ways, our knee-jerk reaction may be to lash out verbally in anger. But as we develop our relationship with the Lord and walk in forgiveness with our children and others, a godly love begins to grow.

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We begin to see our children through the eyes of Jesus. We see their potential, not their failings.

Joy - The Fruit of The Spirit for Kids

Will we still discipline and disciple them? Of course. But the attitude and atmosphere in which we respond to them will change. The fruit of the spirit will grow in us, and hopefully, in them, too. Taking the fruit of the spirit should be the desire of every Christian because every Christian should desire more of Jesus in their lives. We can force ourselves to be patient, for example, but will that result in joy or frustration?

Most likely, the result will be frustration—and quite possibly high blood pressure and tension headaches. His presence in our lives becomes all-encompassing. His will, His thoughts, His manners become ours. When we need the fruit of the spirit, it is there because Jesus is there. How do you do it?

Galatians 5:22-23

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