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We recommend using Aweber because they are one of the best email marketing companies on the market with a very beginner-friendly platform. With thousands of WordPress themes out there, an average beginner tries multiple themes before settling for the right one, and this process can even lead the user to rebuild their website multiple times.

How to Move Your Website to Another Web Host (and Knowing When to Switch)

To avoid this, we recommend choosing the right WordPress theme from the start and then stick to it. This allows your website visitors to become familiar with your website, your brand, and its unique style. You need to choose a great looking but simple WordPress theme that pays attention to the following items:. Now we understand that as a non-techy user, you may not be able to check all those things on your own but do your best.

By not updating WordPress, you leave your website vulnerable to security breaches while using outdated software. SEO Search Engine Optimization helps you rank higher in search engines, so more users can find your website. A lot of users realize their mistake after a while when their website becomes difficult to manage. For example, they could use your website to distribute malware, brute force attacks, steal data, and more.

You need to follow the security best practices and build layers of security around your WordPress site.

You need to set up proper redirects, inform Google about the change, and add the new domain to Google Search Console. You need to delete all default content and the tag line, as they look unprofessional and create a bad impression. This means spam comments with links to malware and low-quality sites can go live on your website without your knowledge.

10 Common Mistakes In Online Businesses That Can Harm Your Success

After that, you need to make it part of your routine to check and approve comments on your website. If you are adding images to your website without optimizing them, then this would affect your website speed. You can use Photoshop, GIMP free , or other online tools to reduce the image file size before uploading it. Functions file is designed to behave like a plugin, but it is not the ideal place for all types of code snippets. By default, WordPress comes with a built-in code editor to edit theme and plugin files inside WordPress.

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It allows you to see how your website appears in search results and fix any search indexing problems quickly. Many times users forget to select a category for their post and hit the publish button which publishes that post in Uncategorized. Similarly, if you have a business, and you are still sending people business emails from a free email account, then people will have a hard time taking you seriously.

People do not have the time or skills to verify that you are the actual owner of that website or business. A publicly accessible website can be automatically crawled and indexed by search engines anytime. Your competitors can find it and steal your ideas.

Your customers can find it and see the unfinished website. Explore different sections of WordPress, try out new plugins, learn more about SEO, and email marketing. The policy which we employ when dealing with any personal information submitted via this website is outlined below. We aim to take every possible measure to protect your information at all times.

By using this website, you agree to this privacy policy, and when you submit any of your details or personal information, you are agreeing that you accept the manner in which we state we will use those details. We will only make unsolicited contact by email when we require your consent for future contact — for instance if a site you have registered with has added a newsletter feature, we will contact you once to request your consent.

Should you wish that we never contact you, please advise us and we will mark that your details should not be used for this purpose. We may change our Privacy and Security policies from time to time — we are constantly reviewing them to ensure that our customers and their customers are protected to the best of our abilities.

1) Security and Monitoring

Please check this page regularly for any updates and changes. Should any significant changes take place which could affect the use of your details and providing you have not prohibited us from contacting you as above , we will request your consent for these changes. Information may be collected when you use certain components of this website, but we will always warn you first. All information will be securely transmitted to our servers, where it is held. Only we have access to this information.

Why You Should NOT Hire A Website Designer in

If you choose to register with this site, you will be given a password to protect your details — we advise that you choose a secure password, which you do not use elsewhere, and that you do not reveal it to anybody else. Cookies are small files placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site.

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. However, please note that if you choose to disable cookies or not to accept them from our site , then parts of this site may not function correctly.

The Tail Wagging The Dog

So head on over to any registrar you like even that one that I would prefer you not choose. Just say yes, check the box, whatever, just please…. Let me tell you why.

Top Blogging Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost in Your Blogging Journey (2019 Edition)

Another thing to consider if you choose to ignore this tip… be prepared to be contacted by email or phone almost immediately after your purchase by spammers and solicitors. This type of solicitation will happen right away and will continue on a pretty regular basis sometimes daily, sometimes weekly. Be on the lookout for the domain registration ID Privacy add-on.

Your registrar should have instructions in their support forum that can guide you through how to purchase ID Privacy at any time. Since there really is no universally RIGHT hosting package for everyone, this mistake is more about knowing what to say NO to in your first hosting package purchase. This is usually an offering from Google called Google Apps for Business that your provider will prompt you to accept during the checkout process. Just opt out for now. Most web hosting providers sell services in tiers, e. Just go with Basic- or Mid-Tier.

Save your money. However, the hidden cost in my experience is being stuck with a bad provider.

I like being able to pick up and leave or not when my first year is up. Bonus points to any web hosting provider that also offers month-to-month pricing. Yes, month-to-month is higher when compared to its annual cost, but I have the benefit of ending that expense whenever I want.

This is more a webmaster gripe. Suffice it to say, your web developer or webmaster will thank you later for having cPanel or similar Administration since this is the main administrative tool used to manage all aspects of your website. There are backups that are truly helpful done daily or at least weekly , easy to access, and easy to roll back to…. You can always add any of the skipped upgrades at a later time. I host all my client sites and side-projects with them. They satisfy all of MY top criteria:.

I can help you skip all of these pitfalls and get your site started for you. Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links which earns us a modest commission if you click on them and make a purchase. I am not paid to share any particular opinions about the products or services that I mention.