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But does that mean he should be allowed to preside in office until January ? I did not disagree with him. But no one is more corrupt than your man Trump. Even the most saintly get a bit of it on them just waking up in the morning and living life in this circus.


We can debate this in theory, of course. The caller and I did not come to a meeting of minds; but we parted on friendly terms. Years ago, I photographed the constitutional scholar Robert Hayman quoted above who had just written a dense, thoughtful book on intelligence and the law, a book I read end to end and heavily underlined. As I was photographing Hayman on a street corner for a magazine, I was jumping around snapping frames and making small talk. I said something about current events and the US Constitution and Hayman remarked with a smile and a symbolic patronizing pat on my head.

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What I took Hayman to be saying was that the Constitution was a dormant document gathering dust as the powers-that-be made daily decisions that affected us all. And in that hard fight, having money and power made all the difference; too many unconstitutional laws and actions existed in practice unchallenged.

As billionaire impeachment activist Tom Steyer drills home in regular TV ads, never has a US president cried out for impeachment like Donald Trump does. Due to her long experience, she knows too well how corrupt it all is to the core. Maybe the question should be in whose court are we playing this polarized war politics? One of the first acts of the TV comedian elected president of Ukraine was to dissolve parliament. Fortunately, our constitution does not permit this; if it did, Congress would no longer even exist.

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Pelosi remains adamantly cautious, while at the same time she and others have been dropping feelers that impeachment may happen. Impeachment only requires a simple majority. Given the Trump style, a House commitment to impeach would clearly be an escalation of the Washington political war in process. To pull it off through the House and into the Senate would require no small amount of commitment, passion and even ruthlessness.

The most important aspect of an impeachment and trial would be the public hearings, the most compelling ones scheduled in prime time — as was done in Watergate. Americans would be glued to the high drama on their TV sets. The big question — and the risk for Democrats — is can and will a public trial turn enough Republican senators to vote to convict the president? Screamers in Congress, and outside, were far too obvious - less professional than anticipated by those paying or not paying the bills!

Why would they protest again?

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Oh right! Because none of them were paid or ever expected to be!

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They did it and will do it because this is their country! Again: Trump's campaign launch included paid attendees and the campaign didn't pay the firm that hired them for months. What I want to know is which person is paying them to protest not being paid for previous protesting. This a lie.

Like all the others. Just like the students at Trump University did to you?

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I supposed to get paid for my dissent? Crap, where is my check for all the stupidity I'm having to deal with, protest against,take my valuable time in an attempt to enlighten? Can you please have someone send me my check? George Soros must have gotten my address wrong. However, the fringe benefit is that we continue on the path of removing the corrupt, soulless GOP from power.

Any takers? How much were these protest checks? Like I've said before.

I'll be glad to come protest for free. Hillary was not wrong! I actually joined a protest at the Supreme Court over the weekend.