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It caught my eye, in front of a bike shop on Smith Street. I had not been thinking of commuting by bike but once I got one, I had to use it. Riding through the city was more awesome than I expected and the bike so beautiful. I became inspired! Is that an intentional choice and if so why?

Cyclists have their own lingo and language. Hopefully this list will help make sense of it all.

I can think of 5 without really looking. One was fresh from the pro peleton. I like the shapes that carbon can take. It is true that there are more steel frames, both in my studio and in the world. Is there a particular detail of a bike that you feel portrays its individual nature best? Different things stick out. Turned out I did use poetry, and Passing Thoughts was the perfect last page of the anthology. Jan: Have you ridden continuously since you were a child on your first bi- or tricycle? Nigel: Continuously? I was the right age at the right time and it was the right ride.

The power slide with the hand brake. The furious pedaling of young legs. I wore holes in that wheel. After riding a bike through my teens, I rode a motorcycle for years—a BMW twin-cylinder that I rescued, rebuilt, then rode across country and into Mexico. Then, when life became adult and the motorcycle had sat unridden for so long that it and I were no longer in the same place, I rediscovered the bicycle. Its subtlety, range of experience and variety spoke to me in words that I could hear and appreciate in the moments between thoughts.

Its limits were my limits and on it, I could seek both. Jan: How do poems occur to you?

A word or phrase first that gradually accretes? All in a not-fell swoop? A picture looking for its caption? I just write stuff down and try to say it honestly. I write my blog under the influence of the thing about which I am writing, be it a ride or whatever.

Bicycle Safer Journey

Reserves are normally depleted after about two-and-a-half hours of riding. By eating foods or drinking fluids rich in carbohydrate, energy stores and recovery are enhanced. This often takes place in France itself, but has increasingly gone to foreign cities to generate international interest in the race. Named after the gear that grandmothers use most frequently. Riders can earn these points at stage finishes and certain mid-stage sections see: intermediate sprint.

Flat stages award the most green jersey points, which is why field sprinters often win the competition.

Ride 3: Short Fiction about Bicycles

Grupettos are generally filled with sprinters and riders who have finished working for their team leaders. He won the Tour de France five times in the late 's and early 's. See: Categorized Climbs. Do it often while riding! The first 15 riders to cross the line at these locations earn points. Jerseys are often brightly colored for visibility when riding. Usually they have rear pockets for carrying energy food, tools and clothing you might need or have removed.

And, they often have long zippers, which are great for cooling off on hot days. King of the Mountains KoM : A competition for the best climber, which runs on a points system like the green jersey. The leader wears the polka dot jersey. This is marked by muscle fatigue, pain and shallow, rapid breathing. It rapidly produces muscle fatigue and pain.

The second rider then leaves the draft and sprints past at even greater speed near the finish line. Nestled in the lead-out man's slipstream, the sprinter waits for the final possible moment, then accelerates for the line as the lead-out man pulls to one side. Pairings of sprinter and lead-out man often travel together from team to team, but not always. He won 3 times in , and The lieutenant also plans and executes strategy, like chasing down breakaways or setting up the final sprint. LSD : Long, steady distance. A training technique that requires a firm aerobic pace for at least two hours.

Riders earn points at the top of each categorized climb. So called because in most TTs riders start on one-minute intervals. Some motos are for officials while others are used by journalists ride TV to report the standings, time gaps and rider issues. For example there might be a neutral zone for a few miles to allow the race vehicles and competitors to get across a strip of highway before getting onto the official racecourse. Once on the course, the lead vehicles will typically signal the field to start racing and then speed up the road.

You turn nipples with a spoke wrench to true the wheel. It also means being well ahead of the pack in a race. If that person swerves, their wheel will hit yours, and you will almost always crash or eat it. It travels from Paris to Brest and back to Paris, a distance of miles 1, kilometers that must be completed in 90 hours. While food and rest stops are allowed, riders must be self-supported carrying the spares and all equipment needed such as lighting, fenders, rain gear, etc.

Paris—Roubaix: A one-day road race in northern France, starting north of Paris and finishing on the Belgian frontier. The finish is still in Roubaix. Famous for rough terrain and cobblestones, it is one of the classics of the European calendar, and contributes points towards the UCI World Ranking. It usually comes in a small plastic box and includes patches, glue and sandpaper.

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It results from riding into an object too hard for the air pressure in the tube. A small metal cap on its end must be unscrewed before air can enter or exit. Composed of structural units called amino acids. Protein is not a significant energy source unless not enough calories and carbohydrate are consumed. One gram of protein equals four calories. The unit of measure for tire inflation and air pressure in some suspensions.

Each Tour sponsor has at least one car, making the caravan bigger than the race itself in terms of personnel. Classics specialist Philippe Gilbert is prehaps one of cycling's most famous puncheurs. The racer who finishes the distance the quickest wins. Quick releases make it easy to remove wheels for storage or flat-tire repair. It sports the rainbow stripes green, yellow, black, red and blue. The stripes are green, yellow, black, red and blue.

The most famous event is Paris-Brest-Paris , a mile test that has to be completed within 90 hours. On recumbents you sit in a seat that resembles a lawn chair complete with backrest and pedal with your legs out in front of your body. These unique bicycles come in a variety of configurations but all offer great comfort because they support more body weight and eliminate pressure on the hands, arms, neck, etc. Pedaling resistance increases with pedaling speed to simulate actual riding.

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The tire mounts to the rim. On bicycles with caliper hand brakes not disc brakes , the rim is part of the braking system. The roads of northern Europe, in particular, are filled with road furniture and it can make bicycle racing there dangerous. A series of small hills on a track or trail that are typically rolled coasted or manualed over extended wheelie , not jumped. An indoor training device comprised of a frame holding 3 or 4 rollers on which you place your bike to pedal in place.

The rollers let you pedal in place and steer as you would riding outdoors. Unlike on stationary trainers, you must balance to ride rollers unless yours are equipped with a bicycle support. Both bike wheels roll on these cylinders so that balancing is much like actual riding. Rouleurs are often 'super-domestiques' able to provide a wheel for the team leader for hours at a time.

Ride in the street like a kid!

Much easier to follow while riding than using a map. A good target for fitness riders is to maintain 70 to 90 RPM. Sores can range from tender raw spots to boil-like lesions if infection occurs. A tiny plunger in the center of its opening must be depressed for air to enter or exit. There is a seatstay on each side of the rear wheel.

The sealant particles seal the hole almost immediately so you can keep right on riding. Many high quality bicycle bottom brackets, headsets and hubs feature sealed bearings. When you spin the wheel and watch the bead lines on both sides, they should sit just above the rim all around the wheel. If they dip or bulge anywhere, let the air out of the tire and try again or the tire may come off the rim while you are riding. Professional road racers favor tubulars because the tires are extremely lightweight and have a round cross-section, which improves ride quality.

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