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But that which he less readily acknowledges is where his fears and problems reside: in the leven of the - books and bread - he reverenced as a child; leading on to the bread he has earned from the books he has written. Books written with Rushdie's own personal political objectives in mind as a secular prophet-novelist: Books promoting perpetual secular revolution and subversion, be it moral, religious or otherwise.

He points out that "film, the most expensive art form, is the least subversive. Bergman, Fellini and others made the most successful secular revolts into the territory of the sacred. I prefer the greater possibilities of the novel. Devout households grew up kissing holy books.

Satanic Voices Ancient Modern Surfeit by Pidcock David Musa

But we in our household kissed everything; dictionaries, atlases, we kissed Enid Blyton novels and Superman Comics. If ever I'd dropped the telephone directory, I'd probably have kissed that too. This was before I'd ever kissed a girl. But one never forgets ones first loves. Bread and Books. One food for the body, one food for the soul.

What could be more worthy of our respect and love? It has always been a shock to me to meet people to whom books simply do not matter. People who are scornful of the act of reading, let alone writing. It is perhaps almost always astonishing to learn that your beloved is not always as attractive to others as she is to you. My most beloved books have been fictions, and I've been obliged to accept - for many millions of human beings, they are entirely without attraction or value. Love can lead to devotion.

A devotion of the lover is unlike that of a true believer, in that it is not militant. I may be surprised, even shocked that you do not feel as I do about a given book or work of art. I may very well attempt to change your mind, but I will finally accept that your tastes, your loves are your business and not mine. The true believer knows no such restraints. The true believer knows that he is simply right.

He will seek to convert you even by force, and if he cannot, he will simply despise you, for your unbelief at the very least. However it was a question to which I thought I knew the answer. The answer was no! Nothing is sacred, in and of itself. I would have said, ideas, texts, people can be made sacred. The word is from the Latin - sacrare - to set apart as holy. But even such entities, once their sacredness is established, seek to proclaim and to preserve their own absoluteness and their inviolability [like certain novelists perhaps?

The act of making sacred [or un-sacred, like an act of blasphemy] is in truth an event in history. It is the product of the many and complex pressures of the time in which the act occurs. And events in history must always be subject to questioning, de- construction, even to declarations of their obsolescence. To revere the sacred un-questioningly [like the national debt] is to be paralysed by it.

The idea of the sacred is quite simply one of the most conservative notions in any culture, because it seeks to turn other ideas, e. On the subject of the death of God! William H. Guss the American Novelist and Critic had this to say as recently as 'The Death of God represents not only the realisation that gods have not existed. But the contention that even such a belief is also no longer irrationally possible.

But neither reason nor the taste and temper of the time condone it. The belief lingers on of course. But it does so like astrology or a faith in a flat earth. Gherman Titov said, he and his fellow cosmonauts might defy God : "Gherman Titov, the Russian cosmonaut, is reported to have proposed that some sort of anti-religious experiment should be carried out in space by Russian Spacemen.

He is reported to have made the proposal in a speech to a conference on atheism held by the Communist Party several weeks ago. He did not elaborate on his reference to a possible 'special anti-religious experiment in the cosmos. Like Nimrod on his Tower of Babel, and the Pharaoh of the exodus, both suffered from the 'edifice complex'. Both destroyed themselves and many of their followers. I know not that you have a god other than me, so kindle for me a fire, 0 Hamman, to bake the mud bricks; and construct for me a lofty tower in order that I may survey the god of Moses; for behold, I deem him one of the liars.

When they see their missiles return with what appears to be the proof of Gods death, they will indeed believe that they have killed Allah. Then they will say: 'We have killed God, now let us try to dominate the moon and the heavens. And the stench of their corpses will spread over the world. Then it is that Jesus the son of Mary, with all other Muslims who have hidden in the mountains, will pray to Allah to save them from the disease and death.

Then a great cloud will cover the sky and Allah will send down rain for fourty days. At first the rain will be red, the colour of blood. It will then turn green and will wash away the smell and the bodies. The rain will finally become clear and purify everything. The believing servants who were saved will live peacefully and serve Allah, for their faith will be Islam.

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It has always been clear to me that God, unlike human beings, can die, so to speak, in parts. In other parts, for example India, God continues to flourish in literally thousands of forms. My sense of God ceased to exist long ago. So I was open to the great creative possibilities offered by surrealism, modernism and their successors.

Those philosophies and aesthetics born of the realisation that, as Karl Marx said, 'All that is solid melts into air. Indeed one reason for my attempt to develop a form of fiction in which the miraculous might co-exist with the mundane, was precisely my acceptance that notions of the Sacred and Profane both needed to be explored as far as possible without prejudgement in any honest literary portrait of the way we are. That is to say the most secular of authors ought to be capable of presenting a sympathetic portrait of a devout believer, or to put it another way, I had never felt the need to totemise my lack of belief, to make it something to go to war about.

Now, however, I find my world picture under fire, and as I find myself obliged to defend the assumptions and processes of literature - which I had believed all free men and women would take for granted - and for which all un-free men and women continue every day to struggle, so I am obliged to ask myself questions I admit to finding somewhat unnerving Do I perhaps find something sacred after all? Am I prepared to set aside as holy the idea of absolute freedom of the imagination and alongside it my own notions of the world, the text, and the good?

Does this add up to what the apologists of religion have started calling "Secular Fundamentalism"? And if so, must I accept that this secular fundamentalism is as likely to lead to excesses, abuses, and oppressions as the canons of religious faith? But he chose not to do so. Religions are psychotherapeutic systems.

What are we doing, we psychotherapists? We are trying to heal the suffering of the human mind, of the psyche or the human soul, and religions deal with the same problem. Therefore our Lord himself is a healer; he is a doctor; he heals the sick and deals with the troubles of the soul; and this is exactly what we call psychotherapy. It is the most elaborate system, and there is great practical truth behind it. I have a clientel which is pretty large and extends over a number of continents, and where I live we are practically surrounded by Catholics; but during the last thirty years I have not had more than about six practising Catholics among my patients.

The vast majority are Protestants and Jews. Know you, then, that there be three kinds of worlds comprehended in a single name: the one standeth for the heavens and the earth, with water, air and fire, and all the things that are inferior to man. Now this world in all things followeth the will of God, for as saith David, Prophet of God: "God hath given them a precept which they transgress not. Now this world, again, also loveth God; because by nature they long after God, for as much as according to nature everyone longeth after God, even though they err in seeking Him.

And know ye wherefore all long after God? Because everyone longs for infinite good without any evil, and this is God alone. Therefore, the Merciful God hath sent his prophets to this world for its salvation. The third world is man's fallen condition through sinning, which has transformed itself into a law contrary to God, the creator of the world. This makes men behave like demons, God's enemies. And this world our God hateth so much that if His prophets had loved this world - what think ye? And what shall I say? As God liveth in whose presence my soul standeth, when Muhammad the Messenger of God shall come to the world, if he should conceive love towards this evil world, assuredly God would take away all that He gave him when He created him, and would make him reprobate: so greatly is God contrary to this world.

And like Pharaoh they hardened their hearts: Wherefore they sought occasion to slay him, but found it not. But go rather and sit in the meanest place, in order that he who invited thee may say: "Arise friend and come and sit here above! Verily I say unto you, that for no other reason than his pride did Satan become reprobate. Even as saith the prophet Isaiah, reproaching him with these words: "How art thou fallen from heaven, 0 Lucifer, that wert the beauty of the Angels, and didst shine like the dawn: Truly to earth is fallen thy pride! You must know that God is wicked and envious, and therefore he brooketh no equals, but keepeth everyone for a slave.

And hath only spoken thus to you in order that you may not become equal to him.

But if you and your companion do according to my counsel, you shall eat of those fruits like the others, and you shall not remain subject to others, but like God, you shall know good and evil, and you will do that which pleases you, for you shall be equal with God. According to the book 'Occult Sciences', , Xenocritus believed that people used penance and self -mortification as part of the process of averting the malice of particular Satanic entities called ' Cacodeamons ' who retired, when satisfied with the molestation the victim had inflicted on himself. Devil or Demon worship has a very long history.

Yazidis], who inhabited the area around Mosul during the Ottoman period, supposedly the site of ancient Nineveh. They say it is true that the devil has at present a quarrel with God, but the time will come when the pride of his heart being subdued, he will make his submission to the Almighty, and as the deity cannot be implacable, the devil will receive a full pardon for all his transgressions, and both he and all those who paid him attention during his disgrace, will be admitted into the blessed mansions.

This is the foundation of their hope, and this chance for heaven they esteem to be a better one, than that of trusting their own merits, or the merits of the leader of any other religion whatsoever. The person of the devil they look on as sacred, and when they affirm anything solemly, they do this in his name. All disrespectful expressions of him they would punish with death, did not the Turkish [Islamic] power prevent them. When ever they speak of him, it is with the utmost respect; and they always put before his name a certain title corresponding to that of highness or Lord. Part of the answer lies in the fact that in recent times we have seen W.

Keith Ansell-Pearson, a politics lecturer at London University, even though Nietzsche had been pronounced clinically insane one hundred years ago. Surah 20, Ta Ha, verses , covers the event, and the dialogue immediately preceding the event between God and Adam, and between Satan, Adam and Eve. What is not mentioned in any great detail are the events that preceded the arrival of Adam on the scene, which were indirectly responsible for inspiring those gruesome acts of Racial and Spiritual Apartheid shown on a 'Dispatches' programme many thousands of years later, which are covered in this chapter.

According to the section "Occult Sciences" in the Encyclopaedia Metropolitana of , the story runs as follows: "Prior to the arrival of Adam, the earth had been subjected to a continual process of civil and physical revolutions, having been peopled by various races of different beings, who after a time were expelled or annihilated, on account of their rebellion against their Creator.

The prophetic Griffon Si-murgh tells the hero Cahraman, that she had witnessed twelve of these periods of seven thousand years, and that after his race was extinguished men would be suceeded by more perfect beings, who would be annihilated in their turn, and that the earth itself would be destroyed. The people who inhabited the world before the creation of man were the div's, or deo's, as the Indians pronounce the word; and the peris. These superhuman creatures may be not inaptly compared with demons and angels of our ancestors; for the former are represented as most hideous and malignant, the latter as most beautiful and beneficient.

What these races were originally when created, and with what powers they were vested, does not seem to have been anywhere mentioned: But Jan ibn Jan, the father of the Jin, the last of the seventy-two Solomons who governed the world in succession before the creation of Adam, having rebelled against the Almighty, and been defeated by the Angel Hharis, who was sent to reduce him to obedience; that angel too was elated by his success, and in his turn refused to obey God. The Almighty having formed Adam, ordered all other creatures to bow down before him; but Hharis, sprung from the element of fire, scorned to make obeisance to a creature made of clay.

The divs supported Hharis in his revolt; the peris opposed him; the greater part of the divs, therefore, were confined to Jehennem gehenna or hell , but some were allowed to roam about over the face of the earth, as a check upon men, and the peris were confirmed in the possession of their privileges You, only You are the Knower, the Wise. But Satan lured them out and caused Us to expel them; and We said: Fall Down each of you a foe unto the other! The dominion of the peris was terminated by Eblis The devil in the Koran who had been created from the elements of fire, and whose abode was previously with the angels.

Eblis or Hharis, became the leader of the rebellious angels SATANIC VOICES 45 when they were commanded to do homage to the first created man, and being joined by the whole race of genii, the male and the female divs, whom he Iblis had formerly subjugated, he, like them, was deprived of grace. Eblis and his immediate followers were condemned to suffer for a long period in the infernal regions, but the remainder were allowed to wander over the earth as a constant source of misery to themselves and to the human race, whose obedience is put to the test by their devices and secured by the example of their degredation and sufferings.

We wonder why we have not yet managed to advance beyond, or eradicate these persistent, some would say, irrational ideas. All attempts to do so have failed, and must continue to fail, because they are not irrational, but t rue. One has only to read the accounts of people suffering from schizophrenia to recognise that the positive symptoms - "hearing voices" that no-one else can hear; voices that keep up a running commentary on the victims thoughts and behaviour, or two or more voices conversing with each other - are as the Qur'an describes it, the whisperings of the evil ones.

The final Surah in the Qur'an, An-Nas Mankind , notifies us of this sickness and the cure: "Say, I seek refuge in the Lord of Mankind, the Owner of Mankind, the God of Mankind, from the mischief of the whisperer of evil, who withdraws after his whisper, who whispers in the hearts of mankind, from amongst the spirits and men. As Ken Palmerton, a former psychiatric nurse points out: "Just because we say they are paranoid, doesn't mean the devils aren't after them. Or, for that matter, that such beliefs and behaviour can still exist among apparently rational, and sophisticated individuals, conditioned by a secular western education and political system.

At a time when disturbed and disturbing individuals are willing to submit not only the children of complete strangers, but themselves and their own children to bestial anti-human treatment, it is time to think again. SATANIC VOICES 46 Outrageous as it might seem, it must be accepted that, unless we extricate ourselves from the mental serfdom, technical-enchantment and the occult-escapism, seductively woven and operated by an unholy alliance of materialist mystagogues; ignoring the falsehood, cant, and argotic dogma of the hypnotic and despotic priesthood; of Rushdie, Stoppard and Co.

We either say enough is enough, or let them continue to sacrifice our children and ourselves on their sadistic altars of literary ego. Eileen Fairweather, a researcher for the 'Dispatches' programme, speaking to a modern Satanic-cult survivor, recorded the following comments from a lady called Jennifer Evans who she describes as:- "A pretty plump woman". Because of her involvement in Satanism, at 28, she recently had to have a hystorectomy and micro surgery to repare the massive internal scarring caused by two cult foetal sacrifices and rape with instruments.

Her doctor, who is aware of her past, assured 'Dispatches' that miraculously she was 'not psychiatrically disturbed'. She had sought his help after being overcome with 'overwhelming grief' after she was forced to kill her own baby daughter, which was induced at seven months. After the baby's death she went on the run.

She agreed to help, says Ms Fairweather, because other survivors of this cult and their careers did not dare. The video which formed part of a Channel 4 'Dispatches' television documentary, broadcast on February 19th , shows drug drips, catheters, blood transfusion and gynaeclogical equipment being openly used. In her running commentary Ms Fairweather pointed at forceps plucking at a girl's thighs, and said: 'Those are especially small sized forceps, used in hospitals for delivering premature babies.

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They are used to pull out babies of about five months. Women are aborted early so that their pregnancies can't show. A painfully bound, seemingly semi-conscious woman is raped. Mrs Wendy Savage, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at the London Hospital, estimated her pregnancy at '20 weeks'- the age which Jennifer claims most foetal sacrifices take place. Jennifer told 'Dispatches' that she had been ensnared by satanism at She was introduced by Tarot Cards and Astrology.

I wanted to find out more. On the seventh 'discussion session' she was drugged. When she came round she was being initiated. She was being raped. A baby was then aborted. Superintendent Michael Hames, head of Scotland Yard's Obscene Publications Branch, points out that survivors are also scared to become witnesses, because they too have perpetrated crimes.

Jennifer did not go to the police, because like other victims, she says that police and other authority figures are also involved in the use of mind control techniques. She says:- "I saw four children killed. All were boys. Three were Spanish-speaking, smuggled into Britain from Latin America. First they were sexually abused. She said she didn't know where he came from.

But many children, brought in for sexual abuse, she says, were from children's homes. MP Greville Janner was alleged to have been involved. Lengthy sections deal with the drugging and whipping of a young man, who then has occult marks and symbols carved in his flesh. The video, says Eileen Fairweather, is often disjointed with 'flash frames' cut in, which Jennifer analyses, describing a ritual abortion, where a metal rod is inserted into the girls cervix by a naked female abortionist who is also pregnant. Jennifer informs us that it is believed that spirits in the baby being killed pass into the abortionist's baby.

She said: "I've been in those stirrups. I've also performed three abortions myself. Consultant obstretician and gynaecologist Mrs Wendy Savage concluded: "I should have been paid danger money for watching something as horrible as this. This is not porn. It is very strange and disturbing. You can see incisions clearly made with a knife and the blood welling up gradually. Now I am per cent sure. But how I wish I was wrong. Unfortunately, the victors are not always the good guys. Winston Churchill and Theodor Herzl, for example, kept hour by hour accounts of some of the world shattering events in which they were involved.

And Herzl, like Churchill, kept a careful eye on just what things were preserved, in order to present an untarnished image of themselves to posterity. To the less fortunate however, what is actually said about them, or what actually took place, very rarely sees the light of day or appears on the printed page. What does appear after all, is almost always contrary to the spirit in which it was said or done, and often completely out of its original context. Impudent reporters outweigh the respectable ones by an average of about to 1, while the one being interviewed has little or no editorial control over a programme's content, with no automatic right of reply.

Radio and T. This is Chutzpah, and our history books are full of it, together with the products of our press, radio, cinema, and television industries who don't just report the news, but invent it. Whenever they want to invade a country, or topple someone who has "exceeded his service function" - like Saddam Hussein, for example, or Iran's Mossadegh, all the goverment of the day has to do is to leak the idea, or feed it to the press and the Masonic network, of British Lodges, and overnight you hear the captains of industry trotting out statements, like I heard in from a former employer of mine and prominent Sheffield Freemason.

In three other cities that same week, I heard similar views, from three other Masons involved in engineering. Meetings at this sort of level could be arranged by 'Carl' almost at the drop of a hat. The handshakes were almost entirely masonic. At an appropriate moment I went and asked them if they were aware of the plan. The plan obviously suceeded. And Scargill 's pit closure figures proved to be a lot more reliable than all of Thatcher's henchmen.

Margaret Thatcher's economic policies, and those of her successor, and those of his successor, be it Smith or Ashdown, will not be able to alter the course set for us by the international bankers. Mr Major's confident prediction that the economy was successfully on course - without humbly adding on the other hand: Insha 'Allah - providing God allows it - will regrettably prove to be as ill-judged, and unfounded, as those of his predecessor Nigel Lawson and many others who have found themselves in No.

This economy, along with all those, that use our crazy fractional- reserve, debt-credit system are heading for another crash, like the s. The bankers know it. The bankers need it. And the bailiffs love it. Great Britain. She has also carried out her other task on behalf of the banks, earning for herself in the process the title of " The best bailiff's man since Cromwell" and their usual reward for services rendered - the sack. With an occult network of lodges to play with, it is easy to bring about changes inimical to a country's interests, and favourable to those who lend their money to the state.

The Young Turk movement and the Bolshvik Revolution prove that all that is needed, are pliant captains of industry and corruption on the bridge. The rest is history - but whose version? Let us look at specific historical events, and the claims made by the Jews that they were unjustly treated, punished, or persecuted.

I am not for one moment suggesting that this has not sometimes been the case. But as the prophet's cousin, Ali, stated over a thousand years before Newton: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". For example, why do they say they were persecuted and unfairly treated by Napoleon I, The Sultan, and the Tzar? In the case of Napoleon, they say that he was an opportunist who prevented the genuine implementation of their legally bestowed civil rights; however, the main complaint about him was, that having already been emancipated by him in , he had no right to make them subject to new laws.

This even though it was he who ordered them to tear off their official yellow badges of shame in Italy, on February 15th , which the Lateran Council had ordered them to wear since They say that following this he went on to humiliate their "Notables" with a list of "impudent requests". Was it allowed for a Jewess to marry a Christian? Did French Jews feel any obligation of loyalty to France? Probably the most constructive question the emperor asked was about the need of a plan for stimulating the Jews of the Empire to take up the practice of arts and crafts, in order that they might learn to substitute dignified callings for the disgraceful occupations to which for generations and centuries they had largely devoted themselves It readily confirmed the decisions of its parent body.

It also issued prohibitions against usury and introduced an innovation: civil marriage for Jews. In 'Bonaparte et I'Islam, pages , Napoleon shows his deep knowledge and understanding of the subject. Arabia was idolatrous when, six centuries after Jesus, Muhammad re introduced the worship of the God of Abraham, of Ishmael, of Moses, and of Jesus Christ.

The Arians and some other sects had disturbed the tranquillity of the East by agitating the question of the nature of 'The Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. The first Omayad Caliph, was a poet and he granted peace to a Rabbi, because he had prayed for grace in four beautiful Arabic verses. They were fond of literature, Chemistry, and Mathematics; they lived with savants, caused the Greek and Latin Authors, the Illiad, the Odyssey, Euclid, etc. Nothing is more elegant than their moral tales; their poetry is full of fervour.

In the library of Cairo there were volumes on Astronomy, and more than , on other subjects; in the library of Cordova there were 3,, volumes Sciences and Arts reigned under the Caliphs and made great progress, which was brought to naught by the Mongols. Christianity preaches only servitude and dependence He commends the conversion of General Jaques Menou, who became known as General 'Abdullah- Jaques Menou', who later married an Egyptian lady, Sitti Zoubeida, who was descended from the line of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Few people are aware of this aspect to the Battle of Waterloo, because as we pointed out at the beginning, the history was written by the victors. Unfortunately, the victors once again, were the friends and patrons of usury, coalescing as usual around the house of Rothschild. It should come as no surprise to learn that The Duke of Wellington was a close friend of Nathan Rothschild, and it was the collusion between the French and English branches of the Rothschilds that enabled them to smuggle Gold through France to Wellington in the Iberian Peninsular to pay the troops fighting against France during the Peninsular war of to Later on, when he became British Prime Minister, Wellington took the brunt of popular outrage, and was rightly accused of turning a blind eye to the hardship caused by the very same Rothschilds for whom their family members had fought and died, proving once again that gratitude has a short shelf life.

A William Heath Cartoon of the period shows Prime Minister Wellington with his eyes closed playing blind man's buff, pretending not to notice their plight. This was particularly galling for a people and a country which had successfully waged war to defend these banking houses, which were now sitting on their hands when what the people needed was help and action, much like today. They say that God deals with the nations, as the nation deals with their usurers.

If it fails to control them effectively, war and poverty eventually become their lot, because the sin is both on the giver and the receiver of the interest. Napoleon tried to rid Europe of usury, but failed in what was a valiant effort. Wellington prevented the justifiable closure of their operations in the interests of world peace and sustainable global prosperity for all. Once again the Arch Bishops of European Usury, The Rothschilds, had managed to prevent the further liberation of Jews and Gentiles alike, by successfully preventing Napoleon's clear Islamic vision for Europe becoming a reality.

However, "it was not long before Napoleon fully revealed his duplicity", says Nathan Ausubel. It bristled with special restrictions against Jews in all their business afairs. For example, before a Jewish merchant or shop keeper could engage in trade he had to obtain a licence from the local prefect.

But before he could get a licence he had to present a "guarantee" of his moral character from the Jewish Consistory as well as from the city authorities. The decree also ordered the expulsion of Jews from the Rhineland unless they consented to become farmers. By imperial decree on March 17, , he ordered the institution of the 'Consistoire' Consistory for Jewish Affairs. There was to be a central consistory for the whole empire Each consistory was to be run by two Rabbis and two laymen The idea behind the consistory was a practical one: to keep the Jews in line with his purpose and to let it serve as an agency for supplying the army with Jewish recruits.

For them must be established special exclusive laws. All this was unknown to me when I first embarked on my work. I knew that French writers of the past had distorted facts to suit their own political views [which is now common practice], that a conspiracy of history is still directed by certain influences in the Masonic Lodges and the Sorbonne; I did not know [however] that this conspiracy was being carried on in this country [Great Britain].

Therefore the publishers warning did not daunt me. Should not years of laborious historical research meet either with recognition or with reasoned and scholarly refutation? But while my book received many generous and appreciative reviews in the press, criticisms which were hostile took a form which I had never anticipated.

In general the plan adopted was not to disprove, but to discredit by means of flagrant misquotation, by attributing to me views I had never expressed, or even by means of offensive personalities. It will surely be admitted that this method of attack is unparalleled in any other sphere of literary controversy. It is interesting to notice that precisely the same line was adopted a hundred years ago with regard to Professor Robinson and the Abbe Barruel, whose works on the secret causes of the French Revolution created an immense sensation in their day.

The legitimate criticisms that might have been made on their work find no place in the diatribes levelled against them; their enemies content themselves merely with calumnies and abuse. Inspired by the Illuminatus Bode, he quotes a story that Robinson suffered from a form of insanity which consisted in his believing that the posterior portion of his body was made of Glass! Charleston The scurrility and odium with which they have been loaded is perfectly natural, and what the nature of their testimony would have led one to expect. Men will endeavour to invalidate that evidence which tends to unveil their dark designs.

Exactly the same method of attack has been directed against those of us who during the last few years [] have attempted to warn the world of the secret forces working to destroy civilisation; in my own case even the plan of accusing me of having attacked British Masonry has been adopted without the shadow of a foundation. From the beginning I have always differentiated between British and Grand Orient Masonry, and have numbered high British Masons amongst my friends.

But what is the main charge brought against us? Like Robinson and Barruel, we are accused of raising false alarm, of creating a bogey, or of being the victims of an obsession. Up to a point this is comprehensible. Whilst on the continent the importance of secret societies is taken as a matter of course and the libraries of foreign capitals teem with books on the question, people of this country really imagine that secret societies are a thing of the past - articles to this effect appeared quite recently in two leading London Newspapers - whilst practically nothing of any value has been written about them in our language during the last hundred years.

Hence ideas that are commonplace on the Continent here appear sensational and extravagant. Benjamin Disraeli on the other hand stood up in the House of Commons, on July the 14th, in and made the following pronouncement on the nature and designs of these secret societies and their subversive anti-religious intentions. He said:.

Pidcock - Satanic Voices - Ancient and Modern () by Infowar books - Issuu

I mean the secret societies It is useless to deny, because it is impossible to conceal that a great part of Europe, the whole of Italy and France, and a great part of Germany, to say nothing of other countries, is covered with a network of these secret societies, just as the superficies of the earth are covered with railroads. And what are their objects? They do not attempt to conceal them. They do not want constitutional government, they do not want ameliorated institutions Palestine] and put an end to ecclesiastical establishments. Some may even go further.

Petersburg the other in Moscow; a Chapter Rose Croix was also established in Moscow, and by there were 6 Lodges which [having served their purpose] soon became dormant, re-opening in but significantly without rituals, being in the nature of Political Clubs. David Ben Gurion, Zionist atheist and first prime minister of Israel stated while still in office Internal pressure of the constantly growing intelligentsia in Russia for more freedom and the pressure of the masses for raising their living standards may lead to a gradual democratization of the Soviet Union.

Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a Socialist and democratic regime. With the exception of the the U. All armies will be abolished and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah. Higher education will be the right of every person in the world. A pill to prevent pregnancy will slow down the explosive natural increase in China and India.

And by the average life-span of man will reach years. So far only the last item of the plan has failed to materialise, but it can only be a matter of time. In order for the secular forces of Zionism to gain control of the Holy Land of Palestine, they had to enlist the aid or neutralise the opposition of a very large number of people, particularly those in positions of power and influence: kings, princes, ambassadors, rabbis, bishops and clergy, generals, admirals, police chiefs and policemen, professors, doctors, journalists, bankers, security men, judges, barristers and solicitors, taxi drivers, dustmen and show business personalities, etc.

And with the French, English and Russian Revolutions to its credit, it would be foolhardy for the ambitious to disregard its significance as a component of world power. No-one trying to understand how world events come about can afford to disregard its unique and undeniable roll. It always was and still is an elaborate fraud, designed to deceive even the most sophisticated and educated members of any society, and has been doing so throughout its long and chequered career, which, however defended or described, is irrefutably Satanic in spirit, purpose and practice.

That position, in fact, was once held by the Tower of Babel. One said, Let us ascend to heaven and dwell there; another said, Let us ascend and practice idolatry; and the third said, Let us ascend and wage war against God. The first class God dispersed; the second class, He confused their language; the third class was turned into apes, spirits, demons and night-devils.

The Pharaoh of the exodus also suffered from insolence and an edifice complex. I do not know for you any god but myself: therefore O Haman! And follow what the evil ones gave out falsely against the power of Solomon: the blasphemers were not Solomon, but the evil ones, teaching men magic, and such things as came down at Babylon to the angels Harut and Marut. And they learned only what harmed them, not what profited them. Even though they knew that the purchasers of magic would have no share of the hereafter.

And we made a font of molten brass to flow for him; and there were jinns that worked in front of him, by the leave of his Lord They worked for him, as he desired, making arches, images and basons as large as reservoirs It should, therefore, come as no surprise to learn that initiates are intentionally mislead in order to conceal the true nature and purpose from all but the chosen few. Otherwise it could not have succeeded the way it has. As Mrs. Webster points out, fascism did not triumph in Italy because it was a reactionary movement, but because it appealed to the noblest instincts in human nature, to patriotism and self-sacrifice, it rallied all elements in a disorganised and disunited nation around the standard of a common cause.

She goes on to say:. They take up the refrain that is sung from the heart with the spirit and the understanding. With Solemnity and Awe. All the service should be conducted with solemnity and awe, as if in the visible presence of the Master of assemblies. With Melody and Distinctness. In every school, instruction in singing is greatly needed.

There should be much more interest in voice culture than is now generally manifested. Students who have learned to sing sweet gospel songs with melody and distinctness, can do much good as singing evangelists. They will find many opportunities to use the talent that God has given them, carrying melody and sunshine into many lonely places darkened by sin and sorrow and affliction, singing to those who seldom have church privileges. Students, go out into the highways and the hedges. Endeavor to reach the higher as well as the lower classes. Enter the homes of the rich and the poor, and as you have opportunity, ask, "Would you be pleased to have us sing?

We should be glad to hold a song service with you. Not many will refuse. Such ministry is genuine missionary work. God desires every one of us to be converted and to learn to engage in missionary effort in earnest. He will bless us in this service for others, and we shall see of his salvation.


Portion in Evangelism, p. The enemy of righteousness makes a great account of this talent in his service. And that which is the gift of God, to be a blessing to souls, is perverted, misapplied, and serves the purpose of Satan.

This talent of voice is a blessing if consecrated to the Lord to serve His cause. Choir and Congregational Singing. And let the singing be accompanied with musical instruments skillfully handled. We are not to oppose the use of instrumental music in our work. This part of the service is to be carefully conducted; for it is the praise of God in song.

The singing is not always to be done by a few. As often as possible, let the entire congregation join. The Song Service. All present should be encouraged to join in the song service. Evangelism p. More on Musical Instruments. The use of musical instruments is not at all objectionable. These were used in religious services in ancient times.

The worshipers praised God upon the harp and cymbal, and music should have its place in our services. It will add to the interest. Evangelism, pp. Instrumental Music at the General Conference of God wants us to have them. He wants us to praise Him with heart and soul and voice, magnifying His name before the world. Shrieking Sacred Words of Hymns of Praise. We should endeavor in our songs of praise to approach as nearly as possible to the harmony of the heavenly choirs.

I have often been pained to hear untrained voices, pitched to the highest key, literally shrieking the sacred words of some hymn of praise. How inappropriate those sharp, rasping voices for the solemn, joyous worship of God. I long to stop my ears, or flee from the place, and I rejoice when the painful exercise is ended. Those who make singing a part of divine worship should select hymns with music appropriate to the occasion, not funeral notes, but cheerful, yet solemn melodies. The voice can and should be modulated, softened, and subdued.

No Jargon or Discord. God is not pleased with jargon and discord. Right is always more pleasing to Him than wrong. And the nearer the people of God can approach to correct, harmonious singing, the more is He glorified, the church benefited, and unbelievers favorably affected. Sing With the Spirit and Understanding. Gather together singers who will sing with the spirit and with the understanding also. The extra display which you sometimes make entails unnecessary expense, which the brethren should not be asked to meet; and you will find that after a time unbelievers will not be willing to give money to meet these expenses.

Its Almost Overwhelming Impact. It would almost bring anybody within its scope, if they are at all conscientious, and sit and listen with the least degree of favor; because of the music that is brought to play in the ceremony. They have an organ, one bass viol, three fiddles, two flutes, three tambourines, three horns, and a big bass drum, and perhaps other instruments which I have not mentioned. They are as much trained in their musical line as any Salvation Army choir that you ever heard. In fact, their revival effort is simply a complete copy of the Salvation Army method, and when they get on a high key, you cannot hear a word from the congregation in their singing, nor hear anything, unless it be shrieks of those who are half insane.

After an appeal to come forward for prayers, a few of the leading ones would always come forward, to lead others to come; and then they would begin to play on the musical instruments, until you could not hear yourself think; and under the excitement of this strain, they get a large proportion of the congregation forward over and over again. Haskell report to E.

White, September 25, Dance tunes and Sacred Words. They have "Garden of Spices" as the songbook and play dance tunes to sacred words. They have never used our own hymn books, except when Elders Breed or Haskell speak, then they open and close with a hymn from our book, but all the other songs are from the other book. The doctrines preached correspond to the rest. Haskell report to Sara McEnterfer, September 12, Lively Songs and Self-Induced Hysteria. There were numerous groups of people scattered all over the campground engaged in arguing and, when these fanatics conducted the services in the large pavilion, they worked themselves up to a high pitch of excitement by the use of musical instruments, such as: trumpets, flutes, stringed instruments, tambourines, an organ, and a big bass drum.

They shouted and sang their lively songs with the aid of musical instruments until they became really hysterical. Many times I saw them, after these morning meetings, as they came to the dining tent fairly shaking as though they had the palsy. White, January 12, Every uncouth thing will be demonstrated.

There will be shouting, with drums, music, and dancing. The senses of rational beings will become so confused that they cannot be trusted to make right decisions. And this is called the moving of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit never reveals itself in such methods, in such a bedlam of noise. This is an invention of Satan to cover up his ingenious methods for making of none effect the pure, sincere, elevating, ennobling, sanctifying truth for this time. Better never have the worship of God blended with music than to use musical instruments to do the work which last January was represented to me would be brought into our camp meetings.

The truth for this time needs nothing of this kind in its work of converting souls. A bedlam of noise shocks the senses and perverts that which if conducted aright might be a blessing. No encouragement should be given to this kind of worship. The same kind of influence came in after the passing of the time in The same kind of representations were made. Men became excited, and were worked by a power thought to be the power of God. Published in Selected Messages, Book 2, pp. Satan works amid the din and confusion of such music, which, properly conducted, would be a praise and glory to God.

He makes its effect like the poison sting of the serpent. Those things which have been in the past will be in the future. Satan will make music a snare by the way in which it is conducted. God calls upon His people, who have the light before them in the Word and in the Testimonies, to read and consider, and to take heed. Clear and definite instruction has been given in order that all may understand. But the itching desire to originate something new results in strange doctrines, and largely destroys the influence of those who would be a power for good if they held firm the beginning of their confidence in the truth the Lord had given them.

Emphasis Supplied. These [in Indiana] were carried away by a spiritualistic delusion. Noise No Evidence of Sanctification. In your religious meetings there have been exercises similar to those I have witnessed in connection with those movements in the past. There was much excitement, with noise and confusion. One could not tell what was piped or what was harped. Some appeared to be in vision, and fell to the floor. Others were jumping, dancing, and shouting. The manner in which the meetings in Indiana have been carried on, with noise and confusion, does not commend them to thoughtful, intelligent minds.

There is nothing in these demonstrations which will convince the world that we have the truth. Mere noise and shouting are no evidence of sanctification, or of the descent of the Holy Spirit. Your wild demonstrations create only disgust in the minds of unbelievers.

The fewer of such demonstrations there are, the better it will be for the actors and for the people in general. The Lord desires to have in His service order and discipline, not excitement and confusion. We are not now able to describe with accuracy the scenes to be enacted in our world in the future; but this we do know, that this is a time when we must watch unto prayer; for the great day of the Lord is at hand. Satan is rallying his forces. We need to be thoughtful and still, and to contemplate the truths of revelation. Excitement is not favorable to growth in grace, to true purity and sanctification of the spirit God calls upon His people to walk with sobriety and holy consistency.

They should be very careful not to misrepresent and dishonor the holy doctrines of truth by strange performances, by confusion and tumult. By this, unbelievers are led to think that Seventh-day Adventists are a set of fanatics. Thus prejudice is created that prevents souls from receiving the message for this time. When believers speak the truth as it is in Jesus, they reveal a holy, sensible calm, not a storm of confusion.

When Satan Takes Charge. They encourage pride of dress, pride of appearance, self-gratification, hilarity and trifling. Satan is entertained as an honored guest, and takes possession of those who patronize these gatherings.

A view of one such company was presented to me, where were assembled those who profess to believe the truth. One was seated at the instrument of music, and such songs were poured forth as made the watching angels weep. There was mirth, there was coarse laughter, there was abundance of enthusiasm, and a kind of inspiration; but the joy was such as Satan only is able to create.

This is an enthusiasm and infatuation of which all who love God will be ashamed. It prepares the participants for unholy thought and action. I have reason to think that some who were engaged in that scene heartily repented of the shameful performance. Music Put to a Wrong Use. God does not seem to be in their thoughts.

Their minds are filled with nonsense.