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The story is offered through a few narrative lenses including brief passages by two other characters, namely Ben Parish , Cassie's pre-invasion crush, and another young man, Evan Walker, whose relationship with Cassie becomes complicated as she learns more about his true identity. The novel opens with an ominous, aphoristic passage about invasions, and then quickly shifts to Cassie's story. Cassiopeia "Cassie" Sullivan is a survivor of an apocalyptic invasion of Earth by aliens who have transformed the world into an isolated wasteland through a series of plague-like waves. A very thoughtful Cassie details nostalgic memories of her life before the invasion as she fights for her survival.

Cassie is shown to have fallen into a rhythm of survival, having established a sort of home base. She acquires food, water, toiletries, and other essentials by rummaging through abandoned stores, avoiding drones who will kill her if she's spotted. On one such trip, she meets a young man in soldier's attire who is badly wounded, armed, and potentially dangerous. In a split decision, she kills him, leaving her with an internal conflict: she must protect herself from the aliens, and the aliens that look like humans, so she either saved herself from being killed, or she murdered an innocent and wounded soldier.

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After this scene, two stories are presented in the opening of the book. First is the present narrative in which Cassie begins to journey toward Cincinnati. The second is a story about Cassie's world after the appearance of the alien mother-ship. Cassie's quest is complicated when she is badly injured after being shot by a "Silencer" with a sniper rifle.

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The flashbacks begin to explain what it is she has to do in Cincinnati. In the flashback episodes, Cassie's family suffers through the first waves of the invasion. The first wave was an electromagnetic pulse that rendered all technology on Earth useless, killing many people who were in airplanes and vehicles at the time of the blast. The book has the summary of the novel and analysis of characters to give you an overview of the story.

You should read the original novel to enjoy its plot and amazing twists. The story is about Cassie, who finds her world completely changed by Aliens.

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She finds herself among different people and unpredictable enemies. She believes that she is the last person left on the earth and she deals with a series of shocking events.

The twists and turns of the story can surprise you so you should read this novel. This book is designed as an overview of the book so that you can read a quick summary, analysis of characters, a list of five waves and other important points in the novel.

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This book will be a study guide for you to understand the characters of this novel. Please note that this book is designed to increase your understanding of the actual novel. Make sure to purchase the original copy of the novel, before reading this summary and analysis.

This summary and analysis book will enhance your reading experience because you will find analysis and important points of the plot. This will be a good choice for all science-fiction lovers. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 27 pages.


More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. In the event of an alien apocalypse, which two titles would you want with you at all times? I would take an old volume of poetry I still have from my college intro to American poetry course.

In dark times, nothing beats verse. Second choice is harder.

Summary & Analysis: The 5th Wave - by Rick Yancey

Your Monstrumologist series nearly met a premature end back in , but was saved by an extraordinary response from fans. And there was much rejoicing. Did you feel any trepidation about embarking on another multi-book project? That's harder in practice than in theory. I mourned Will Henry and Warthrop. The other thing was their story wasn't finished. For a writer, that's heart-wrenching. I guess the fans felt the same way and rose to Will and Warthrop's defense, for which I am humbled and very grateful.

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I always feel trepidation at the beginning of every project. I worry about so many things. Time to get it right, the skill to do it justice, the will to finish. I also worry about more mundane things, like what if my computer crashes and I've forgotten to backup the manuscript?

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  6. Have you seen any tattoos inspired by the series? It occurred to me recently that every book I've written is in the first-person; I'm like an actor slipping into a different role. It's my policy not to immerse myself into a WORLD, but into a character's head and describe that world through his or her eyes. I did see somewhere a fan was planning to get all tatted up with monstrumologist art.

    I don't know if she ever carried it through, but I remember being somewhat appalled. I've loved science and speculative fiction since I was a kid, so I guess it was inevitable I was going to try my hand at it. There was a discussion years ago between my wife and I about the most terrifying thing each of us could imagine.

    For her, it was an alien abduction, for two reasons: First, it was a frigging alien abduction. It was the isolation that terrified her. The idea of being ALONE in the face of such a mind-blowing encounter led to an image of a survivor, alone, vulnerable, at the end of hope and maybe of life.

    Thus Cassie was born, trapped beneath an abandoned car. I'm a huge movie fan, too. Please pick one to marry, one to kill, and one to have Today's featured aliens are E. I don't think I could marry an extraterrestrial. I'm in love with a terrestrial. Who could kill E. That would be like offing a bunny rabbit. I'm like Cassie in the opening of the book: the aliens we imagine have been, on the whole, ridiculous, from what they might look like to why they might come here. If they do find us, my advice is Evan's from the book: "Find something worth dying for. Book Two: Some very bad stuff is going to happen as the Others roll out their answer to Cassie's defiance.

    Book Three: More bad stuff, some good stuff, and an affirmation. See All Customer Reviews.

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