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I kind of got a head start in the scene because I knew him. We started that with Jared Smith and Nic Small, then we added a couple other folks. Michael and I started focusing more on duos, and we also got on Harold teams, so we left the group.

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But they kept going, which is great. I feel guilty about that sometimes. I got on Love Onion in the beginning of I was added in the second cycle, but I think the group formed around the summer of We became a house team in When Coonoor Behal left, she was the last original member.

I started teaching in I love teaching, and I think my personality is well suited to be a teacher. I like that you can be hard on people, in that you can call them out and get to the heart of a matter. And I just like the feeling of people getting better. His name is Thick Boy.

But I love it. I got a setup because I wanted to make that type of performance art. There are so many possibilities.

I think I might be a slightly better rapper than he is. I quit my job to pursue comedic activism, which is not political comedy, though I think it could be related. Political comedy is making fun of politics. I want to think about how to use comedy within politics as a tool, as part of the political conversation, and as a legitimate part of politics.

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But normal is when we let Obama get away with whatever he wanted because he was making better decisions, which is true. And normal would be Hillary Clinton being president and us, again, not paying any attention.

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Nothing would have gotten done, and everything would be gerrymandered for another decade. In fact, I think that very much remains to be seen, and the Supreme Court—and courts in general—could invalidate all of that. But I want to set us up, and I want to inject some of the lightheartedness, the less self-seriousness, and the ethos of improv—which is not just being funny but being present, being a human, tapping in, using politics as a performance—into politics.

We have no voice in Congress. Nobody wants to listen to us because we are not a state. We should be a presence there. It works, slowly, to talk to people.

You can do that through political staff. You can do that with more lighthearted things or by mixing the lighthearted with the serious, which is really important to me. He does these experiments and innovations on activism and protest by creating a religion and buying advertisements on Fox and Friends to educate.

With the marching, you have to think about what you actually want from that and how the marching actually does that.

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  • U.S. Historical Documents: The 1754 Albany Plan of Union.
  • Why Things Are Falling Apart and What We Can Do About It.

There are ways you can march that can accomplish certain things. There are so many people here, and we could be talking to people instead of just wishing that our chants sounded better or were more coordinated. I just wish there were more options and more innovation than that. But there is our physical presence, and we can be playful and treat them really nicely. Can you please support us?


Instead of yelling and crapping on people, we try to address a serious topic with fun. If we want to fix everything, which feels really overwhelming, I think the key I see to that is structural reforms. That means voting rights, voting standards, campaign finance reform, elections reform, and DC statehood.

It would affect the Supreme Court, it would affect healthcare, it would affect immigration, it would affect guns.

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Everything would change. But I think, suddenly, there would be real competition and interest in politics if our politics mattered. I think it would really shift the dynamics. Ranked choice voting is the elections reform I want people to think about more. No one is happy with politics right now, and we need to think about how to actually get everyone represented.

You can just go there. If you want to know more about the work The Real Citizens United is doing, check out our website. You can help support us and get more snacks for the congresspeople. Teplitzky wasn't sure Sam "could convincingly play a tough guy and also have elements of the leading man about him", but in the end Teplitzky decided Sam was "fantastic", and had "David playing the older, slightly more streetwise accomplice" proclaiming "it worked".

But it wasn't until that Sam got his big break.

Together, we can all do great things!

Having made his directorial debut on the short film, "Enzo", Sam was offered the role of Joe in the unique and greatly acclaimed Australian drama, written and directed by Cate Shortland , Somersault opposite Abbie Cornish. Somersault took 7 years to make, and Shortland wanted to cast the perfect actor in the role of Joe. Shortland did much preparation for the film, arranging for a 3-week rehearsal period prior to shooting, it all paid off. The film did amazingly well, making a clean sweep of the Australian Film Institute awards in to win in all 13 film categories - the first time this has ever occurred in the award's history.

Sam won the AFI for best male actor. Jake Sully is a rich and complex character with a rare combination of passion, strength, street smarts and soul. It is a role requiring a lot from an actor — a fact that James Cameron acknowledged when he, Jon Landau and casting director Margery Simkin began their search to fill the part. After spending months looking at actors in the U. There was an intelligence and intensity in his eyes that never wavered. Intrigued, the filmmakers offered Worthington an audition, but he was initially skeptical due to the secrecy surrounding the project and the scant details about the character of Jake being offered to Worthington at that time.

Of course, the audition was for Avatar and a role Worthington would come to embrace.